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The dissolution of a marriage can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. These matters can become even more complicated when there are children involved. The attorney you select can go a long way toward helping you move past this challenging time and to a brighter future. When faced with difficult situations, whether of a family law nature or due to criminal charges, it's important to take steps forward to try and resolve the issues.

Located in Olathe, Kansas, Michael D. Reed represents clients throughout Johnson County with family law and criminal defense issues, from divorce and child support arrangements to misdemeanors and felonies. As a lawyer with 40 years of experience, I know what steps need to be taken to have a successful case outcome. More importantly, I know how to help you achieve fair results, no matter the complexity of the case.

An Understanding Approach To Family Law

Every divorce is different, because no two relationships are alike. As your attorney, I will not provide you with boilerplate answers. I know the difficulty of divorce, and I will work with you and help you through the process. Helping clients solve problems is what I love doing.

Every Person's Rights Are Important

If you find yourself being charged with a misdemeanor or felony, its consequences can be deep-felt and wide ranging. Often, the only thing standing between you and serious repercussions is the work of a diligent attorney who will explore all potential solutions. At the Michael D. Reed Law Office, I will work on your behalf to make sure that your rights are being upheld and that you get the outcome that is most fair to you.

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